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Welcome to a fascinating insight into the art of skull design. In this book, we explore the detailed and creative world of skull airbrushing, a technique that requires both precision and artistic freedom. Our passion for airbrushing and specifically skulls has inspired us to share our knowledge and experience. From basic techniques to advanced methods, this book covers everything you need to develop and refine your skills in this unique art form.

Aim of the book

The main goal of this book is to provide you with a solid foundation in skull airbrushing. We’ll start with the basics of material science, explain the important anatomical features of a skull, and guide you through the complex aspects of lighting that are essential to achieving depth and realism in your work. Whether you are a beginner just beginning your journey into the world of airbrushing or an experienced artist looking to refine your technique, this book will provide valuable insight and guidance.

Through the insights you will catapult your airbrushing skills to a new level and achieve better jobs & more interesting projects!

What to expect

In the following chapters you will find a comprehensive introduction to the materials required, detailed instructions for the basic construction of a skull and step-by-step tutorials to help you put what you have learned into practice. In addition, the book contains a gallery of inspirational works that serve as examples of the potential and diversity of skull design.

We invite you to explore the pages of this book and discover the techniques that will expand your artistic skills and inspire your creativity. Immerse yourself in the world of skull airbrushing and let your imagination run wild to create impressive and expressive works of art.

About us

We, the team behind this book, are a group that has been specializing in skull airbrush art for 17 years. Our collective consists of experienced airbrushers, fine artists and craftsmen who come together to explore and promote the art of skull airbrushing. Our studio and workshop are home to a vibrant artistic community where creativity and innovation take center stage.

We also started from 0! Do you want to see?

Practice & training are the magic words!

So? You need two things to be successful! Practice & training! With one thing we can support you with this book! The other is up to you!


Why can we say that so easily & safely? Because we went through it ourselves!

TRAINING: Without information/training, only with pure practice, you CAN get results, but the path becomes more difficult. We make it easier for you with this book!
PRACTICE: And without practice? Well, nothing comes from nothing, that’s all you need to say here.

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SK-Brush is the airbrush studio of the two authors Stefan & Dimi. Airbrush & Custompaint
Started with airbrush in 2007 and founded GbR in 2009, Stefan and Dimi grew up in the scene. Biggest custom bike shows in the world (Vegas USA, Faaker See etc), 20+ entries in magazines with cover pages, awards and trophies characterize their work.

Bikes - Trucks - Cars ...

Youtube Channel

A picture is worth a thousand words – a video is worth even more! You can browse through our thousands of project pictures in the gallery, but you can also simply watch a few videos of our custom paint projects OR our tutorial videos! Just get an idea of what we do before you buy the book.

Oh, and of course we look forward to your subscriptions, likes & comments on our Youtube channel 🙂 And if you want to follow us personally, the author info part is below 😉

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